Filter Wheel with Integrated Controller  - provides fast computer controlled changing of optical filters for microscopes

Focus Drive with Integrated Controller - provides accurate computer controlled Z positioning while retaining manual focusing

motorized stage with integrated controller
Motorized Stage with Integrated Controller - provides high resolution and repeatable computer controlled movement of slides

RGB LED Illuminator - provides uniform and diffuse light for microscope illumination under computer control

filter-wheel-large-menuLarge Capacity Filter Wheel

Universal Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount Camera Adapter for Microscopes

LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy and Custom Optical Systems


LED Light Source for Fluorescence Stereo-Microscopy, Macro-Photography and Machine Vision

Filter Cube Slider with Integrated ControllerFilter Cube Slider with Integrated Controller provides fast computer-controlled switching of fluorescence filter cubes

mcu xyMotor controller Unit



Legacy Products


ScopeTool      WheelTool
  LiftTool        ZStackTool

Micro-Manager Device Adapter
EZStepper (MATLAB)

Stage Metrology


Custom Design Projects:


Ultra-fast custom filter wheel

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