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Motorized 4-Slide Stage with Integrated Controller


The motorized stage provides high resolution repeatable movement of microscope slides. It could be used in automated microscope systems.

Key Features and Benefits


Specifications (110-01 with 1 mm lead screws)

Resolution 0.01 μm in X and 0.02 μm in Y (at microstep = 1/256 of motor step)
Travel range 111 mm in X * 56 mm in Y
Repeatability (unidirectional) < 1 μm in X and Y
Backlash < 1.5 μm in X and < 1 μm in Y
Repeatability of homing < 1 μm in X and Y
Max Speed 32 mm/s  (with 24V power supply at 0.01/0.02 μm resolution)
Weight ??? lb


2 phase, 0.9 degrees per step in X and 1.8 degrees per step in Y


Microstepping motion controller and driver EZHR17EN from AllMotion (12-40V)

Computer Interface

Serial RS232 or USB with USB-to-serial converter (through distribution box 104-0)

Control Software

ScopeTool v4.3, direct control through serial port, Micro-Manager Device Adapter, EZStepper in MATLAB

Ordering Information

Part number


Price (US$)

110-01 Motorized Stage for 4 slides with 1 mm lead screws TBD
110-41 Mounting Plate for Olympus BX TBD
110-42 Mounting Plate for Nikon 80i TBD
110-43 Mounting Plate for Zeiss Axio TBD
110-44 Mounting Plate for Leica DMR TBD
104-99 Cable 100.
104-81 Power Supply 12V 60.
104-82 Power Supply 24V 100.
104-0 Distribution Box with RS232-RS485 Converter TBD.


Specifications are subject to change without notice. Delivery 4-6 weeks ARO.

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