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Universal Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount Camera Adapter for Microscopes

Universal Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount (UDPC) Camera Adapter is used to position the camera chip in the intermediate image plane of the microscope. The UDPC Adapter has adjustable height allowing the user to parfocalize the image in the microscope oculars and on the camera. The UDPC Adapter has no lenses. It can be used as replacement for fixed (non-parfocalizing) direct c-mount adapters, such as Nikon TV Adapter A, D10NLC from Diagnostic Instruments, or DC10NN from Qioptiq Imaging. Alternatively it can be used instead of adapters with relay lenses (photo eyepieces). The image size on the camera chip will be the same as with 1X relay lens. The UDPC Adapter can be used with a variety of microscopes by using a microscope-specific base. Bases for major microscope brands are provided. In addition to parfocalizing, the UDPC Adapter provides a convenient way of aligning the camera with the microscope stage. This is especially important in scanning applications.

Currently there exists only one direct parfocalizing c-mount camera adapter (for Olympus microscopes). The present adapter extends the ability to parfocalize images in the eyepieces and on the camera to most microscopes and improves operation compared with the Olympus part. The UDPC Adapter is constructed of two threaded parts with thread lead 1 mm and adjustment range 5 mm. The parfocalizing operation consists of three steps: 1) the microscope is adjusted to have ocular image in focus, 2) the bottom part of the UDPC Adapter is turned by the knurled ring until the image in the camera is also in focus, 3) the top part of the UDPC Adapter is rotated slightly to align the camera with the stage (this may require a special slide).  Inside surfaces of the UDPC Adapter are matte black.

Bases for Olympus and Nikon microscopes can be cut for insertion of a filter wheel into the emission light path.

Features and Advantages:

  • direct parfocalizing c-mount camera adapter for most of microscope models

  • no image degradation due to lensless design

  • provides drop-in replacement for existing fixed c-mount microscope adapters

  • provides easy alignment of camera orientation to the microscope stage

  • low cost

Universal Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount Camera Adapter for Microscopes 

A)Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount Camera Adapter animation B)Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount Camera Adapter

A) Animation shows variable height of the UDPC adapter. B) UDPC adapter in the middle position has the same height as equivalent fixed adapters.

Installation and Operation


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