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Motor Controller Unit for 3-rd Party Stages


Designed to control devices with stepping motors, such as X-Y stages.

Can be used together with other TOFRA devices, see example here.

Based on EZHR17EN microstepping controllers from AllMotion, Inc. Allows from full to 1/256 microstepping.

Uses external 12V power supply. Optionally can use 24V or 40V power supply for faster motion.

Small size (5.5" * 4.5" * 1.5") saves desk space.

Has two digital outputs for each controller.

Wiring on X and Y connectors: 1-Lim B, 2-~B, 3-GND, 4-B, 5-Lim A, 6-A, 7-Home, 8-~A, 9-Opto supply.

Software support: ScopeTool v4.3, EZStepper in MATLAB, Micro-Manager Device Adapter

Ordering information for motor controller unit

Part number


Price (US$)

104-2 Box with 2 EZHR17EN controllers and RS232-RS485 converter; has loop through to other devices and 2 digital outputs 950.
104-99 Cable for devices with integrated controller 100.
104-98 Serial computer cable 9 pin M to 9 pin F direct 10.
104-81 12V power supply 60.
104-82 24V power supply 100.
104-83 36V power supply TBD.
104-84 15V power supply 60.
104-71 Set of 2 cables for Märzhäuser stages (12 pin DIN connectors) 150.
104-72 Y cable for Prior stages (25 pin DSUB connector to two 9 pin DSUB connectors) 100.
  Other cables for 3-rd party stages can be ordered.  
104-60 Digital output cable 10.
104-61 Digital output cable for Canon EOS cameras with N3 remote shutter release 100.
104-62 Dual digital output cable for Canon EOS cameras with N3 remote shutter release for simultaneous use by two controllers, e.g., one stage controller and focus drive controller 150.


Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Delivery 4 weeks ARO.

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