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Filter Wheel for Fluorescence

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The filter wheel is designed primarily for changing filters in the excitation light path of fluorescence microscopes. It can be used also in the emission light path. On some microscopes it could be mounted in the transillumination light path. (For filter wheels designed specifically for mounting in transmitted light path click here). The filter wheel provides fast computer controlled or manual switching of filters. It can accommodate either 12 filters, 25mm in diameter, or 10 filters, 32mm in diameter. The filters could be up to 6 mm in thickness (modification for thicker filters could be ordered). Filters are held in filter wells with a single screw as shown here. Infra-red blocking filter can be installed on the side facing the light source. 

The wheel can be used as part of automated microscope systems. It has a simple, cost-effective and highly reliable construction. The wheel is compact in size. It is 17mm thick, maximum outside dimension of the housing is 180 mm. The case is made of 1/8” aluminum and is very rigid. A knob with filter numbers is mounted on the front of the motor. Current active filter corresponds to the number closest to connector. If the wheel is not powered, the knob can be used for manual filter positioning.

The key feature of the design is direct drive. Filter wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft. A high resolution stepping motor with 200 steps per revolution is used to rotate the filter wheel. The motor can be driven with a variety of stepping or microstepping controllers. An optical switch is used to home the wheel after power up or as needed.

Time required to switch between filters depends on the type of controller and on the weight of filters. With the TOFRA motor controller unit, which uses IM483I microstepping controller from Intelligent Motion Systems (Marlborough, CT), powered by a 12V power supply and a fully loaded 12-position wheel, the fastest switching time between the adjacent filters is 200 milliseconds. Switching time depends on parameters of the wheel controller. If faster switching time is needed, the wheel can be ordered with an extra long motor or with a 24V or 48V power supply. 

Mounting adapters are provided for the major microscope brands.

Main Filter Wheel Dimensions

Dimensions are in: inches [millimeters]

Drawing of the filter wheel


Mounting A

For some microscopes an extender may be needed with the front adapter to prevent interference of the motor with the microscope body. The length of extenders if they are required is reflected in the third column of the table below. In some cases if an extender is required but undesirable, it may be possible to mount the filter wheel facing back without the need for extender.

Ordering information for filter wheels (DD is filter diameter: 25mm or 32mm)

Part number


Increase in optical path

Price (US$)

007-00-DD Filter Wheel without mounting adapters 17 mm 1000.
007-01-DD Filter Wheel for Olympus BX40, BX50 and BX60 (a booster lens must be installed) 33 mm 1100.
007-02-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioSkop/Plan-1 33 mm 1100.
007-03-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon Microphot 20 mm or 40 mm (*) 1100. (1)
007-04-DD Filter Wheel for Leica DML 65 mm 1100.
007-05-DD Filter Wheel for Olympus BH-2 30 mm 1100.
007-06-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioPlan-2 46 mm 1100.
007-07-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon Optiphot-1 20 mm or 34 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-08-DD Filter Wheel for Leica DMR, DM4000-DM6000 30 mm or 65 mm (***) 1100.
007-09-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon Optiphot-2 20 mm or 34 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-10-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon Eclipse E-600 and E-800  (quick release)  (stationary) 20 mm or 34 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-11-DD Filter Wheel for Olympus AX-70 46 mm 1100.
007-12-DD Filter Wheel for Leica Diaplan/Aristoplan 55 mm 1100. (3)
007-13-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioPhot-2 46 mm 1100.
007-14-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioSkop-2 33 mm 1100.
007-15-DD Filter Wheel for Olympus BX51, BX61, BX53, BX63 (mounting instructions) 33 mm 1100. (4)
007-16-DD Filter Wheel for Olympus IX70, IX71, IX81 55 mm 1100.
007-17-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon TE300 and TE200 20 mm or 34 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-18-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon TE2000 20 mm or 34 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-19-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon 80i 36 mm or 50 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-20-DD Filter Wheel for Motic inverted microscopes (mounting instructions) 50 mm 1100.
007-21-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioImager 53 mm 1100.
007-22-DD Filter Wheel for KOZO Inverted 17 mm 1250.
007-23-DD Filter Wheel for Nikon 50i 36 mm or 50 mm (**) 1100. (2)
007-24-DD Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioScope A1 59 mm 1100.
007-25-DD Filter Wheel for Emission Lightpath on Olympus Microscopes N/A 1250.
007-26-DD Filter Wheel for Emission Lightpath on Nikon Microscopes N/A 1250.
007-27-DD Filter Wheel for Leica IRB 37 1100.
007-08-DD Filter Wheel for Leica DM2000-DM3000 30 mm 1100.
007-70-DD Filter Wheel for Fiber Optic Illumination 12 pos. N/A 1100.
007-71-DD Filter Wheel for Fiber Optic Illumination 7 pos. N/A 1100.
007-99 Cable   60.

(*) - depends on mounting orientation

(**) - first number for stationary mounting, second number for quick release

(***) - depends on illumination port used

The following additional charges are for the parts that must be ordered from microscope manufacturers.

(1) - for quick disconnect add $300.

(2) - for quick disconnect add $200

(3) - add $250

(4) - for replacement collar add $150

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Delivery 4-6 weeks ARO.

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