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Stationary Filter Wheel Mounting for Nikon Microscopes

(shown on Eclipse E800)

Step 1. Start with the filter wheel with loaded filters and mercury lamphouse mounted on the microscope.
Step 2. Turn plastic bayonet and detach mercury lamp housing.
Step 3. Unscrew three screws from the metal ring holding plastic bayonet. Use Phillips screwdriver.
Step 4. Unscrew adapter plate from the front of the wheel. Use hexagonal wrench. Screw the adapter plate in place of the bayonet using three M3*8 screws from the back side of the wheel. Set the socket head screws aside.
Step 5. Screw the plastic bayonet and ring to the back side of the wheel into the three holes from which you removed the screws in the previous step.
Step 6. Mount the wheel to the front plate, which is now attached to the microscope with the socket head screws from step 3. Use L-shaped hexagonal wrench to tighten the screws.
Step 7. Insert the front of the mercury lamp housing into the plastic bayonet and turn it to tighten.