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Filter Wheel for Transmitted Light

The filter wheel has 7 spaces for 1-inch filters. Thick interference filters can be accommodated. The wheel mounts over the microscope light source. It is only 30 mm high and does not limit the travel of focus or condenser.

A very compact stepping motor with 400 steps per revolution is used to rotate the filter wheel. The motor can be driven with a variety of stepping or microstepping controllers. There is also an optical switch which is used to home the wheel after power up or as needed.

Time required to switch between filters depends on the type of controller and on the weight of filters. With the TOFRA motor controller unit, which uses IM483I microstepping controller from Intelligent Motion Systems (Marlborough, CT), powered by a 12V power supply and a fully loaded wheel the switching time between the adjacent filters is about 200 milliseconds.

Ordering information for transmission filter wheels

Part number


Price (US$)

002-03 Filter Wheel for Olympus BX-60 1100.
002-04 Filter Wheel for Nikon E600 (mounting instructions) 1100.
002-05 Filter Wheel for Olympus BX-51 1100.
002-06 Filter Wheel for Zeiss AxioPlan/Phot 2 1100.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Delivery 4-6 weeks ARO.


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