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Mounting of Filter Wheel on Olympus BX51

Step 1.  For the installation you will need a filter wheel and a replacement collar.

Step 2.  The microscope should be equipped with a booster lens. There is a plastic collar around it. Unscrew the three socket-head screws holding the lens assembly.

Step 3.  Remove the booster lens assembly.

Step 4.  Turn the booster lens assembly as shown and remove three socket-head screws.

Step 5.  Remove the plastic collar from the booster lens.

Step 6.  Turn the booster lens upside down and insert three socket-head screws into the replacement collar.

Step 7.  Put the booster lens on top of the replacement collar while aligning corresponding holes.

Step 8.  Carefully turn both parts upside down without disturbing the alignment and attach the replacement collar to the booster lens with three socket-head screws as shown.

Step 9.  Attach the booster lens with the replacement collar to the microscope as shown.

Step 10.  Install the filter wheel into the booster lens receptacle and fix it with two set screws.

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