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Uniformity of Illumination with TOFRA 030-CW LED Light Source

Tests were performed on Olympus BX51 microscope with 10X UPlanFL 0.3NA and 20X UPlanFL 0.5NA objectives.

Camera - Basler color camera scA 1400-17gc, chip size 1390*1038 pixels, pixel size 6.45 μm * 6.45 μm, in 8-bit mode.  Gain 200.

Intensity profiles were drawn through the center of the frame and averaged over 20 rows (columns).

Chroma Green Autofluorescent Plastic Slide and Chroma 39002 AT filter cube

Field of View

Horizontal Intensity Profile

Vertical Intensity Profile


10X: Exposure time 3 msec.





20X: Exposure time 2 msec.

GrPl-XHP35-FITC-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-H GrPl-XHP35-FITC-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-V
Chroma Red Autofluorescent Plastic Slide and Chroma 39010 AT filter cube
10X: Exposure time 880 μsec.
RedPl-XHP35-TxRed-10X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-H RedPl-XHP35-TxRed-10X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-V
20X: Exposure time 480 μsec.
RedPl-XHP35-TxRed-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-H RedPl-XHP35-TxRed-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-V