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Uniformity of Illumination with TOFRA 030-470 LED Light Source

Tests were performed on Olympus BX51 microscope with 10X UPlanFL 0.3NA and 20X UPlanFL 0.5NA objectives and Chroma 39002 - AT - EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488 filter cube.

Camera - Basler color camera scA 1400-17gc, chip size 1390*1038 pixels, pixel size 6.45 μm * 6.45 μm, in 8-bit mode.  Gain 200.

Intensity profiles were drawn through the center of the frame and averaged over 20 rows (columns).

Specimen: Chroma Green Autofluorescent Plastic Slide.

Field of View

Horizontal Intensity Profile

Vertical Intensity Profile


10X: Exposure time 500 μsec.





20X: Exposure time 300 μsec.

GrPl-Luxeon-470-FITC-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-H GrPl-Luxeon-470-FITC-20X-scA1400-17gc-Profile-V