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ScopeTool - Low Level Controller Commands for IM483I

The motor controllers can be accessed directly using their native commands trough the ScopeTool CON command. Each controller is identified through a one-letter name, which is assigned during initial programming before delivery to the customer. Each direct command is preceded by controller name to which the command is addressed. The controller names are listed in parameter files for individual devices. The format of CON command is:

CON <controller letter> <IMS483I command>

<IMS483I command> (partial list):

A 8*(out1 + out2*2 + out3*4) - set three digital output ports

A 129 - read ports, return value: bit0-in1, bit1-in2, bit2-in3, bit3-out1, bit4-out2, bit5-out3

B <jog speed slow> <jog speed high> - set jog speeds, range 0-255

D <resolution> - divide resolution 0-8, microstep = step/2^<resolution>

E <settling time delay in 0.01 sec> - time delay from run current to hold current after move

F <seek speed> <seek direction> - find home, seek speed in microsteps/sec., range 20-20000, seek direction - 0 or 1

H <resolution mode> - 0-fixed, 1-variable

I <initial velocity> - in microsteps per sec.

K <acceleration> <deceleration> - in steps per each step rate 0-255, smaller numbers - faster

M <velocity> - move at fixed velocity in microsteps per sec. ( M 0 is stop)

O - set origin

R <target position> - move to target position in microsteps

V <slew velocity> - final slew velocity in microsteps per sec.

Y <hold current> <run current> - 0-100 in percent of maximum

Z - read position

] 0 - read limits: 0-no limits are on, 1-limit A, 2-limit B, 3-both limits

] 1 - read hardware: 1-home input, 32-jog+, 64-jog-, 128-jog speed

+ <microsteps> - index in positive direction (ramp up, slew, ramp down)

- <microsteps> - index in negative direction (ramp up, slew, ramp down)

^ - read moving status: bit0-moving, bit1-constant velocity, bit3-homing, bit5-ramping

l <limit polarity> - 0-active low, 1-active high


Home > ScopeTool software > Controller commands