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003-06 Joystick (2 axes, 4 buttons, USB) 300.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Delivery 4-6 weeks ARO.

Application Note

Computer joysticks with up to two axes and four buttons are supported by the ScopeTool software. The deflection of the joystick has about 30 degrees of dead zone, after which it causes movement of XY stage, or focus and filter wheels. Speed is proportional to the square of deflection. This provides a more intuitive control of the moves than linear mapping because it allows very fine control at slow speed and quick moves at high speed. Buttons can be assigned to any ScopeTool command.
Typically when ScopeTool starts the joystick controls the XY stage moves.
Typically the left button (button #1) is assigned to "Joy ToggleAxes" command. Pressing this button changes the joystick control from XY axes to Filter Wheel and Z axes or vice versa.
This arrangement reflects a typical workflow when manually examining a specimen. First, an object in the XY plane is found, then it is focused and examined with different filters.
This is one possible button assignment: 

button #2 - "Scan FirstField"

button #3 - "Scan NextField"

button #4 - "Obj AddCurrent"


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