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Automating LiftToolTM by sending commands through an Executable

ExeLiftTool is an executable that sends its command-line arguments to LiftTool (which must be already running).

Example as seen from a DOS prompt:

C:\Program Files\ExeLiftTool>ExeLiftTool Z Rel 100

This will send Z Rel 100 to LiftTool, which will execute it.


Download ExeLiftTool package, unzip and install by running setup.exe.


Example of calling LiftTool through ExeLiftTool from a SPOT macro (the path to the ExeLiftTool.exe will be different on your system):

SPOT Screen

The following macro will acquire a z-stack of 5 images separated by 100 microns in Z. It is assumed that camera parameters are set before running the macro.

    SetVar(Variable="NumVar1"; Value="5";)
        ExecOSCmd(CmdLine="C:\TRA\ExeLift\ExeLiftTool.exe Z Rel 100"; PauseMacro=Yes;)
        CloseImgWindow(Offset=0; ForceClose=Yes;)
        SaveImgFileAs(Interactive=No; BPC=8; File="C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Diagnostic Instruments\SPOT\Images\%CurDate%-%CurTime:s%"; Type="JPEG"; Overwrite=Yes; CreateFolder=Yes; JPEGQuality=100; Thumbnail=No;)