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LED Light Source for Macro Fluorescence


Images were acquired with the TOFRA LED Light Source with a 5W blue chip (peak power at 457nm).

Excitation filter - narrow bandpass  445-465nm, emission filter - long pass 500nm.

Camera - Canon 5D Mark II. Lens - Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens.

Apperture 20. ISO 200. Exposure time in brightfield and fluorescence 20-30 sec.


Name Under diffuse white light Under fluorescence spot light

Arugula flower

flower-reflection-01 flower-fluorescence-01

Eggplant flower

flower-reflection-02 flower-fluorescence-02

Daisy  flower

flower-reflection-03 flower-fluorescence-03

Carnation flower

flower-reflection-04 flower-fluorescence-04

Alcea rosa flower

flower-reflection-05 flower-fluorescence-05
Flower 6 flower-reflection-06 flower-fluorescence-06
Flower 7 flower-reflection-07 flower-fluorescence-07
Flower 8 flower-reflection-08 flower-fluorescence-08
Flower 9 flower-reflection-09 flower-fluorescence-09
Flower 10 flower-reflection-10 flower-fluorescence-10
Flower 11 flower-reflection-11 flower-fluorescence-11
Flower 12 flower-reflection-12 flower-fluorescence-12
Flower 13 flower-reflection-13 flower-fluorescence-13


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